Leeann Betts writes Stories to Brighten Your Day

Welcome to this website. Yes, it's true -- Leeann Betts writes stories to brighten your day. Story is at the core of our heritage and our connection with each other. What's the first thing you do when you meet a friend? You fill them in on what's happened since you last saw them. A story.

Leeann writes all sorts of stories, because stories take many different forms. Poetry, short stories, novellas, full-length novels -- you name it, she's probably written it.

Her love of story probably began in childhood when she was fascinated with books of any kind. A voracious reader, she'd bicycle to the library on a Saturday, fill her bike basket with books, cycle home, and be incommunicado until Monday morning, when she'd repeat the process. Her biggest problem was finding a librarian who would let her read above her grade level.

Writing soon followed. Her head filled with the stories she'd read, she never had any trouble meeting the required page quota -- teacher asked for a two-page story? She wrote four. A three-page book report? She regurgitated scenes and character sketches by the notebook full.

While Leeann doesn't hold any degrees in writing, English, or literature, she has written enough books to fill an 18-wheeler, at least by her own estimate.

Leeann is proud to be represented by Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary Agency. Some days, Terrie believes in Leeann more than Leeann believes in herself, and inspires her to persevere, to make the story better, better, better!

She invites you to check out the pages on the site, and to follow her blog at www.allbettsareoff.wordpress.com.

Happy reading!